Lock every door by Riley Sagar

A thrilling story about an unemployed girl being drawn into something sinister in a luxurious apartment. The heroine is penniless and desperate for a job, so responds to an advertisement for apartment sitting. But as time goes on, and the apartment’s reputation is revealed to be horrific, she starts having second thoughts.

The book is engaging and moves at a swift pace. The details paint a very pretty picture of the apartment. The story is written in such a way that you aren’t even sure of the genre for the most part of the book. It really keeps the reader on their toes. I finished reading the book in two days. In recent months, I’ve taken upto 3 weeks to finish even relatively small books, as I found them dreadfully boring. But this book captures the reader’s imagination and holds their attention. Every chapter has something new to offer and the final twist is shocking. And once you are over the initial shock of the twist, it seems obvious and is backed by previous facts stated in the story. Clever writing and proper placement of clues throughout the story makes this book compelling.


The lead character’s tragic back-story affects every action she takes; from agreeing to house-sit the apartment to eventually burning it down. The motivation behind it is compelling and one can’t help but relate to such an intriguing character.

Overall, this book is one I would definitely recommend. It’s quick and easy to read. Can’t be put down in the middle and not for the faint-hearted.

Score: 8.5/10

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