Lockdown: part 3! 30 Day Wake Up Challenge

During college, on weekdays, I wake up at around 6 15 am. On weekends, at about 7 30 am. I have rarely woken up later than that. Mostly because the sunlight streams through my window, which is right next to my bed. However, during the extended quarantine, I started waking up at around 8 30 am, which is pretty unusual for me. So when a friend suggested the 30 Day Challenge, I decided to take it up.

The conditions of the challenge were simple. Wake up early and send a picture of yourself drinking water/milk. Then a picture of yourself exercising and finally a picture of yourself eating a nutritious breakfast. If you woke up at 6, ten points and as the time progressed, the points decrease.

It felt really awkward taking a selfie early in the morning after brushing my teeth. What’s the first productive thing I did today? Oh yes, take a selfie. And it felt even more awkward sending the selfies to a friend of a friend, whom I personally don’t know. Just randomly sending someone three pictures in the morning is pretty weird for a person who last updated their profile picture 3 years ago.

But it was fun seeing my name on the “Winner of the day” chat on WhatsApp everyday. I would wake up early, just to win each and every day. I missed out on the first day of the challenge and on the day I went to college to get my stuff back.

For my “exercise portion” of the challenge, I went cycling. Cycling around Coimbatore, early morning with the lorry honking at you is a brilliant way to start the day. Doing this for 30 days is exhausting. Somedays, my brother joined me. Although, he’s afraid of traffic and gets scared when someone honks for too long. I learnt to drive in Chennai, so that’s not the worst thing I have seen.

It was good for 30 days. I won’t say it made me wiser or more philosophical. On the 31st day, I had planned to sleep in. Switched off the alarm. Slept later than usual the previous night. Yet I still woke up at 5 30. I was eager to sleep after being abruptly woken up by Zayn’s Sour Diesel for the past 30 days. I guess, the challenge was a success, but more importantly I learnt, you can’t control when you wake up whether it’s 8 30 am or 5 30 am.

By the way, I still go cycling and on October 2nd, I participated in Pedal Strong Cycling challenge. It was a virtual challenge, so you could cycle and upload your data through Strava without meeting a bunch of random people as you would in a marathon. I rode 33kms at a speed of 18.9 km/h and ranked 4th out of the 17 women who participated with an overall rank of 33/107 participants. So, the early morning challenge definitely helped in the long run, or should I say ride?

2 thoughts on “Lockdown: part 3! 30 Day Wake Up Challenge

  1. Kudos on finishing a marathon! During college days, I woke up around 8, Lol đŸ˜… now I don’t wake up before 12! How do you sleep so early? I can’t get sleep before 3 am!


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